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Batsel, Hannah

A Is for Another Rabbit

(2) K-3 Straitlaced Dr. Owl expects the ABC book he's reading to be "respectable" and "proper." His confidence dissolves when he learns that "A is for A rabbit." When he objects, he is corrected by the book's sassy offstage narrator. Subsequent letters do not go much better, as b is for "Bunny" and c is for "Can you believe how many rabbits are on this page? Count them!" Dr. Owl attempts to steer the book back to normalcy but is stymied with each new letter. The narrator acknowledges him ("O is for Oops! I didn't mean to disturb you. It's just difficult to control so many overzealous, obstreperous rabbits"), but the rabbits continue in their energetic escapades. The rhyming alphabetic text zips right along with an increasing number of rabbits in settings of all types--from an art gallery to a stage (with "Xylophone rabbits and rabbits on drums!") to other dynamic spots. Acrylic and black-ink illustrations reverberate with energy as ­rabbits--and Dr. Owl--ricochet, rebound, run, and ride across pages, breaking just as many borders and frames as they do alphabetical rules. "Dynamic" and "delightful," Batsel's rollicking picture-book debut will be a surefire ­success at story hour.


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