Murray, Diana

Goodnight, Veggies

(1) PS Illustrated by Zachariah OHora. As the sun sets over a rooftop community garden, it's time for the garden's vegetables to get some rest. "Turnips tucked in tightly. / Potatoes closing eyes. / Tuckered-out tomatoes / humming lullabies." In OHora's sweet and funny acrylic art, all the veggies have endearing facial expressions (even the tiniest peas and baby carrots). The (intentional) sleepiness of the book's action is balanced by the presence of a lively earthworm in a baseball cap who swoops through the color-saturated double-page spreads, athletically looping through tunnels and popping up occasionally to check out the dozing garden denizens. The childlike approach, appealing art, and relatable worm character are enough to connect story and audience, but at book's end the text makes the connection even more overtly: "Every veggie's snoozing, / beneath the moon so bright, / for nothing's more exhausting / than growing day and night." The accompanying illustration shows sleeping radishes just below the earth's surface and the earthworm further underground in its own snug home, all tucked up in its looooooong narrow bed, its single sneaker left by the entrance.


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