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Coss, Kelly

Make It Yourself! Bots & Circuits

(3) 4-6 Checkerboard Library: Cool Makerspace series. This series centered on makerspaces should give middle-grade makers, crafters, and hobbyists fresh ideas to spark their creative imaginations. Framed with a boilerplate introduction to makerspaces and standard safety messages and materials lists, each volume offers stepped project directions illustrated with clear photos; useful "tip" sidebars appear throughout. Younger crafters may need some adult help, but they'll be motivated. Glos., ind. Review covers these Checkerboard Library: Cool Makerspace titles: Make It Yourself! Paper Pop-Up Art, Make It Yourself! Bots & Circuits, Make It Yourself! Collages & Sculptures, Make It Yourself! From Junk to Jewelry, Make It Yourself! Coloring & Doodling, and Make It Yourself! Comics & Graphic Novels.


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