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Goldish, Meish

Newfie to the Rescue!: A Lifeguard Dog Story

(4) 1-3 Hound Town Chronicles series. Illustrated by Tom Connell. Three-Legged, Trapped!, and Newfie tell stories of fully trained working dogs that save characters from serious danger. Indy follows a puppy through his first year, learning basic commands before his specialized guide-dog training. Each purposeful story focuses on the dog's remarkable skills and interactions with humans. Static but cheery illustrations accompany the texts and discussion questions are appended. There are four other spring 2017 books in this series. Glos. Review covers these Hound Town Chronicles titles: Three-Legged Hero: A Military Dog Story, Newfie to the Rescue!: A Lifeguard Dog Story, Trapped!: A Search-and-Rescue Dog Story, and My Indy: A Guide Dog Story.


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