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Biggs, Brian

The Space Walk

(2) PS Biggs (the Everything Goes books; the Tiny Town series) brings his bright, cheerful illustration style and offbeat humor into outer space. Readers meet astronaut Randolph Witherspoon floating in a cramped space capsule. "'I'm bored and I want to take a walk,' Randolph complained...'Requesting permission to go outside.'" Ground Control's authoritative response, like that of many a parent, is to first list some chores: "Eat some lunch, get some exercise, and clean the place up a bit." With each task accomplished (in a series of entertaining illustrations), Randolph is now free to go. He follows Ground Control's advice to dress warmly and bring his camera--but is already out the door before the familiar reminder (presented in bold face): "Don't talk to strangers!" In space, a new buddy awaits--and none stranger--in the form of an alien who similarly loves selfies. They have a blast playing together until it's time to go back in. "You're late," admonishes Ground Control, but that doesn't kill Randolph's buzz as he types up his nightly report, eats dinner, and gets ready for bed, all with a huge grin on his face. "And he couldn't wait for tomorrow." Readers will relate, as Biggs's digital illustrations (cheekily described in the art note on the copyright page) picture space as a vibrantly colorful wonderland where new friends await and boredom is busted by simply exploring the outdoors.


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