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Peters, Stephanie

The Ugly Dino Hatchling: A Graphic Novel

(4) 4-6 Far Out Fables series. Illustrated by Otis Frampton. Each brief, accessible paneled comic retells a fable with a sci-fi twist: a bored boy in Transylvania pranks villagers about a vampire attacking (until it does), a time portal drops a T. rex egg at a modern farmhouse, etc. The unremarkable revamps are improved by thorough back matter, which notes changes to source materials and poses "visual questions" to help navigate graphic narratives. Glos. Review covers these Far Out Fables titles: The Boy Who Cried Vampire, The Lion and the Mouse and the Invaders from Zurg, The Robo-Battle of Mega Tortoise vs. Hazard Hare, and The Ugly Dino Hatchling.


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