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Glaser, Karina Yan

The Vanderbeekers Lost and Found

(3) 4-6 In this fourth series entry, the multiracial Vanderbeeker family discover that their friend Orlando has been evicted from his apartment and determine to help him find him a home. (Their motto: "We always get involved. Always.") At the same time, the family must cope with their grief when beloved Harlem-brownstone neighbor Mr. Jeet dies, as well as lend support to former foe Mr. Biederman as he prepares to run the New York City Marathon. As in previous books, subplots (some more contrived than others) involving all five Vanderbeeker children--from a misunderstanding revolving around the homecoming dance to making a new school friend--are woven into the main story. A wholesome, touching ensemble novel, for fans of Jeanne Birdsall's the Penderwicks and Emma Donoghue's the Lotterys.


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