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Eliopoulos, Christopher

The Yawns Are Coming!

(2) K-3 An unnamed narrator has a whole list of activities planned to stay awake with best friend Noodles on their sleepover. After playing games, jumping on a trampoline, and catching fireflies, though, the duo begins to tire. Enter: "THE YAWNS." Though the children try mightily to evade them, the YAWNS--represented as little blue smiling blobs--quickly multiply. First the protagonist weakens ("I would YAWN"), then Noodles does, with their yawns alternating (and growing) until: "A DOZE landed on Noodles' was too late. The SNORES had arrived." Eventually our narrator, too, succumbs. But tomorrow is another day, with an ever-growing list of activities keeping the now-well-rested buddies occupied. Eliopoulos ably conveys the contagiousness of a yawn--and the contagiousness of kids' enthusiasm for sleepover fun. The not-so-sleepy comic-style digital illustrations and speech-bubble-heavy text add accessibility and appeal. That the friends (Noodles is tall and light-skinned, the narrator is a head shorter and brown-skinned) are wearing animal costumes--or are those cozy pajama suits?--reinforces the unselfconscious comfort of their friendship.


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