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Wilson-Max, Ken

Where's Lenny?

(2) PS These British imports star a young child named Lenny, Lenny's loving parents, and pet dog Wilbur. Dad (who appears in Where's Lenny? but not Lenny and Wilbur) has brown skin like Lenny; Mom's skin is light. Where's Lenny? depicts a rousing game of hide-and-seek—Lenny hides, Dad counts and seeks (and distracts?), and Mom does some home repair. In Lenny and Wilbur, it's bath time for Wilbur; Lenny helps. Both books include singing and giggles (and some repetition of vocabulary to support emergent readers throughout the straightforward texts), and both end with snuggles. Wilson-Max's (Astro Girl, rev. 11/19) illustrations feature bold crayon-box hues with thick black outlines around characters, minimal extraneous detail, and thoughtful use of visible brushstrokes and background washes. The images are simple yet contain all the warmth and love that emanate from this close-knit family. The books' small, square trim size--with the smiling child on the cover--is another successful choice to welcome viewers into Lenny's everyday world. Review includes these titles: Lenny and Wilbur and Where's Lenny?.


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