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Escabasse, Sophie

Witches of Brooklyn

(2) 4-6 In this lighthearted, sweet, and entertaining fantastical graphic novel, eleven-year-old Effie is (unexpectedly for all parties involved) sent to live with her elderly, odd-couple aunts after her mother's death. Selimene and Carlota run a holistic healing practice out of their enormous Brooklyn house, and late one night, Effie's idol, pop star Tily Shoo, and her entourage barge in to beg their help. Vain, self-absorbed Tily has turned her face bright red--possibly permanently--with a new skin product. That night Effie learns that the aunts' healing is enhanced by benevolent witchcraft and that her own magical powers are emerging; her apprenticeship begins immediately, as she helps the aunts find a solution to Tily's problem. While Effie's coming into her own as a witch is the main plot line, the blossoming of her loving relationships with her newfound family and friends is equally compelling. The personality-filled art features effectively paced, dynamically sized panels. First in a projected series.


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