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Snyder, Gabi

Two Dogs on a Trike

(2) PS Illustrated by Robin Rosenthal. This humorous cats-and-dogs cumulative (and back again) counting book in rhyme begins on a city street, as "One dog stands alone." The right-hand page shows a tall (upright-standing) brown-and-white pup watching the back of a poodle who has just ridden by on a tricycle; the momentum of the spread is to the right and demands a page-turn. But look left and you'll see a crabby-looking cat (in a bathrobe and clutching a coffee mug) watching the scene from its ground-floor apartment window. On the next spread's recto, the tall dog has joined the poodle on the back of its vehicle ("Two dogs on a trike") while on the verso, the cat jogs determinedly behind. Each page-turn brings another means of conveyance and an additional dog ("Six dogs on a train. Seven dogs on a ferry"), shown in geometric, personality-rich, digital illustrations, and always with the cat in pursuit, until we get to ten. Here they're all on a spaceship, but: "WAIT! THAT'S NOT A DOG!" The pups finally notice their feline pursuer, and they rush back the way they came ("Nine fleeing dogs on a hot-air balloon! Eight dogs on a plane!"). Once at home, the original dog cowers ("One dog stands alone"), while the cat commandeers the trike. The final LOL-worthy twist hints at future high jinks in this amusing joyride of a preschool concept book.


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