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Rustad, Martha E. H.

Tanya Takes the School Bus

(4) K-3 Cloverleaf Books: Off to School series. Illustrated by Paula J. Becker. This overtly purposeful yet reader-friendly series (with varied but complementary illustration styles) features a diverse group of children experiencing different aspects of school life. Topics include the first and the one hundredth days, school employees, making friends, visiting the library, and taking the bus. Apple-shaped sidebars scattered throughout each book provide additional relevant information. Back matter includes a subject-tailored activity. Reading list, websites. Glos., ind. Review covers these Cloverleaf Books: Off to School titles: Sofia's First Day of School, Who Works at Hannah's School?, William's 100th Day of School, Michael Makes Friends at School, Sam Visits the School Library, and Tanya Takes the School Bus.


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